8052 Elm Drive Suite H

2500 sqft of office space is under renovation at 8052 Elm Dr Ste H, Mechanicsville, VA 23111. Dimensions and proposed furniture layout is provided in the images for this listing.  We are following the build plan for the floorplan above but if you move forward quickly, we are also able to provide the alternate floorplan below the text.

The location is at 8052 Elm Dr Ste H Mechanicsville, VA 23111 and is at the first stoplight entering Mechanicsville off 360 (near the windmill).  Convenient to most locations in the Richmond region and near the 360/295 junction, this office space has an excellent combination of low rent and good location in a newly finished facility.  Utilities and furnishings are included with the full service rent prices below!

A copy/fax/print machine is provided in a public area for general use (Work Area on the plans) and a complete kitchen is provided with full size refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, sink and cabinetry.  A Janitorial closet and slop sink are provided.  Double water fountains, oversized and clean restrooms and a large Conference room will be available for use.  All of the offices are larger than typical offices and designed for professional use. 

Located just over the Henrico / Hanover county line, locating your business in Hanover county provides simpler regulation and more favorable taxes for your business.

Traditional Rent for both floors  - $2075/month

Full Service Rent for 1st floor - $1350/month
Full Service Rent for 2nd floor - $1350/month
Full Service Rent for both floors - $2500/month

Features included in Full Service Rent Pricing:
Furnishings (see furniture plan)
Real estate taxes / fees and association fees
Electric, Water
High Speed Internet Access with failover / redundancy, Wifi
Phone - Calling system provided, special requests may incur additional costs
Use of group printer/scanner/copier
Cleaning services

Features included in Traditional Rent Pricing:
Real estate taxes / fees and association fees

For more information or to arrange an appointment you may email James at jamesb@murrayprop.com or call at (804) 201-9702 extension 152.

 Murray Properties LLC Rental Application

Applications may be emailed to jamesb@murrayprop.com or faxed to (804) 433-3825 or mailed to:
Murray Properties LLC
8052 Elm Dr Ste G
Mechanicsville, VA 23111